Day of Clinic – OLD

Parking – parking will be at the Shelbyville Fairgrounds. Vans will present to transport you across U.S. 60 to Shelbyville First Baptist Church

Registration – Please bring your Volunteer Release Form with you to the Volunteer Registration area on Saturday morning. Volunteer Registration will start accepting volunteers at 6:00am

Download “Over 18 Volunteer Release Form”

Volunteer-Waiver-Form-over-18.pdf – Downloaded 2546 times – 110.02 KB

Prayer service – There is a prayer service in the sanctuary of Shelbyville First Baptist Church at 9:00am to pass out any last information and to set the focus of the clinic day in our hearts.

Special note about clinic hours – Because the last guest we serve is just as important as our first guest, all areas will remain open until 4:30 to 4:45pm to ensure all guests can receive the services they requested. We ask that you be available to work until the last guest has been served.

A parent MUST bring their youth/child that morning and sign a notarized form authorizing their child to participate in the Clinic.  The youth/child must remain with their parent/guardian/responsible adult the entire day the ClinicThis is a new policy that will be enforced for the safety of our volunteers under the age of 18.

If on the Shelby Touched Twice registration you indicate that you are under 18 years of age we want you to know this information.  We want to remind you that in order to volunteer at the Clinic on Saturday, your parent needs to sign a release and have it notarized (a notary will be at the church on Saturday).  You will need to remain with the adult your parent has specified.

For your safety, if you are found to be absent from the adult responsible for you, you may be escorted back to that person or your parent will be called.  Our aim is to keep everyone safe.   We want to ensure that everyone’s experience on Saturday is a positive one, and we appreciate your desire to serve.

The forms for those under the age of 18 will not be available until the morning of the clinic because they must be notarized, free of charge, with the parent/guardian, child under the age of 18 and the adult in charge the day of the clinic.